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    Bowen Therapy Technique Practitioners Needed

    Most of our visitors find the practitioners that they need from our Bowen Practitioners Available page and while we have many practitioners listed, sometimes we do not have a practitioner in the right location for you.
    If you wish, we will place your location on this "Bowen Practitioners Needed" page and help you and the practitioner make contact when we receive information about additional practioners in your area - whether the practitioner has officially joined the Bowen Directory or not. There is never a charge for specific referrals to either the practitioner or the client from the Bowen Directory.
    If you need a practitioner in an an area where we do not list a practiioner or know of a practitioner we don't list - please drop us an email: and help the practitioner and other people looking as well as yourself - thank you.
    I am expanding my clinic and am interested in having another Bowen Practitioner
    Thanks Bette

    Bette Madigan
    Professional Bowenwork Practitioner
    376 Churchill Ave Suite 203
    Ottawa K1Z 5C3
    Location Practitioner Needed Date last confirmed still looking
    British Columbia, Penticton August 1, 2005
    Columbia, Cali, South America July 20, 2006
    India, Hyderabad April 19, 2006
    Kuwait August 22, 2006
    Japan, Tokyo December 5, 2006
    Thailand, Bangkok June 13, 2005
    United Kingdom, England, South Devon (near Totnes) April 30, 2005
    United Kingdom, England, Hertfordshire August 5, 2005
    United Kingdom, England, London April 20, 2005
    United Kingdom, England, Reading area ( Berkshire) April 20, 2005
    USA, Alabama, Opelika or Auburn July 17, 2005
    USA, Florida, Sarasota
    March 27, 2007
    USA, New York, Buffalo July 7, 2005
    USA, New York, Syracuse April 4, 2007
    USA, Oregon, Bend (central Oregon) March 4, 2006
    USA, Virginia, Richmond May 2, 2005
    USA, Utah, Riverton (South Salt Lake City) August 9, 2006
    USA, Utah, Salt Lake City January 11 and February 2, 2006
    South Africa April 20, 2005
    Central and South America July 22, 2005

    Important Disclaimer is not affiliated with any  therapeutic or teaching organization. Neither do we specifically endorse the trainings or teaching of any organization. We do not endorse any practitioner.  We only provide a directory where Bowen practitioners can be located.  You take full responsibility for the practitioner you choose, and or training you participate in.  Bowen Directory can not be held responsible in any way. 

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