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    Bowen Technique Articles


    Tom Bowen, Biography
    The Tom Bowen Story
    a short biography by Heather Edmonds and Pam Trigg, daughters
    ... full article

    First for women on the go magazine "First for women on the go" magazine, January 30, 2006
    page 38 - web version

    "At last... a solution for back pain!
    The touch therapy innovation proven to relieve cronic pain in 85 percent of patients"
    "... a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill study rated its [Bowen Technique] effectiveness in remedying back and neck pain at over 85 percent." ... web version of full article
    An American Therapist in Australia
    by Kimberly Reedy, Bellevue / Seattle - 30 miles north (Mill Creek), Washington
    "... I found myself compelled to make a pilgrimage to the Land Down Under in pursuit of furthering my knowledge and experience ..."   ... full article

    Massage Magazine article on Bowen Technique The Bowen Technique
    article by Vicki Mechner, Bowen practitioner and instructor
    Massage Magazine - November - December, 2003, Issue 106
    From the beginnings in 1950's Australia, the Bowen Technique has become a worldwide favorite among touch-therapists. Yet the technique continues to leave clients and practitioners alike surprised by the ease with which it addresses muscular tension. Here, learn how Bowen can be integrated into a massage-therapy session.   ... full online article reprint

    Bowen Therapy - A road out of Pain
    "It was the most horrible pain I could have imagined. They had to [literally] carry me to the hospital because I couldn’t walk."
    Natural Triad, July, 2004, page 14 and 15
    by Kent McKeithan, Bowen practitioner, North Carolina
       ... read the full article

    The Bowen Technique is a gentle method that can help many conditions
    Vitality Magazine July / August, 2004
    by Adrianne Uhrinek   ... Vitality Wellness Journal article

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