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    Bowen Therapy Technique Books & Videos

     Simple Techniques with Remarkable Pain Relief
    Bowen DVD, manual and chartBowen DVD instructional course, manual and chart by Victoria Bowmann, Ph.D
    [click here for sample video clip]

    Physical Homeopathy
    The Principle of Bowen Therapy - PDF

    (602) 971-8392

    Sample Clips:
  • Carol Bennett #1
  • Carol Bennett #2
  • Lynn Peck, DVM
  • Madalyn Ward, DVM
  • Carol Bennett Animal Bowen video
    Animal Bowentm for Athletic & Companion Animals
    DVD / Video by Carol Bennett
    An introductory teaching film based on Level One Basic Animal Bowentm / Touch Balancing. The Collaborative, Complementary and Gentle technique for relieving physical and mental patterns of stress in your animal companion, assisting them to have freedom of movement, comfort, confidence and a sense of well being.
    Note: actual video quality is excellent and much better than website clips.

    Frank Navratil - Bowen Therapy book cover

    buy Frank Navratil's book - Bowen Therapy from
      Bowen Therapy:  Tom Bowen's Gift to the World Frank Navratil - Bowen Technique author
    by Frank Navratil - author bio   
    Buy from
    Frank Navratil, BSc. N.D., a world-renowned expert on natural medicine and long-time Bowen practictioner and instructor, reveals for the first time some of the secrets of this often-concealed method and his experience with thousands of patients using the Bowen method.

    buy the Bowen Technique by Julian Baker from
      The Bowen Technique by Julian Baker
    looks at the Bowen Technique, a holistic therapy, and guides the reader through the various techniques involved. To be used by students as a reference. ...more info
    Julian's instructor listing
    Julian Baker, Bowen Therapy Technique instructor and author

    Bowen - Miracle Pain Relief

    Bowen - Miracle Pain Relief - buy from
      Miracle Pain Relief: The Gentle Power of Bowen For Family and Friends
    ... more about the DVD - Available Now !
    ... VHS - may not be available
    Learn how to achieve fast, long-lasting relief from back pain, headaches, joint pain and stress with the Bowen Technique.  (Designed for the lay person who does not have access to a Bowen Practitioner).
    gerri shapiro - bowen therapy technique video

      Mitch Mosher's Home Study Course Written Manual with all basic Bowen procedures by Mitchell Mosher, DPM, CMT, including information, history and principles, and drawings of all moves. 2 Informational CDs; Introduction to Bowen "Bowen & Beyond", "Bowen Therapy & Myofascial Therapy - How it works". VHS or DVD picturing and narrating a full basic Bowen session. Hands on classes are recommended after you have mastered the procedures.

    Bowen Therapy Technique Book - Bowen Home Companion Gene Dobkin - Bowen Therapy Technique practitioner and instructorA Bowen Home Companion
    Volumes I and II written and published by Gene Dobkin

    An in depth exploration of the technique and philosophy of Bowen Technique. Thousands Sold Worldwide - Not Available in Stores. 
    (click on the link above, scroll down to the Bowen Books link in the menu)
    Awaken the Doctor Within

    Awakening the Doctor Within - buy from
      Raymond Augustyniak, Bowen Therapy Author Awaken the Doctor Within
    by Ossie and Elaine Rentsch (Foreword),
    Ph.D. Raymond Augustyniak (Author)
    Awaken the Doctor Within! details what Bowen is and how it works WITH the body to naturally stimulate and revive its dormant healing mechanisms. Using layman's terms, this book explains how the body is DESIGNED to work and how Bowen makes nothing but sense as a natural remedy.    ... more info 

    Core concepts and sequences  
    Marina Katinic, RMT, NST instructor "These DVD's are RAW, UNCUT, and the full Sequences and Techniques from Marina Perone's Core Course (Level 1 Training)."

    Bowen Therapy - home study CD course 1Bowen Therapy - home study CD course 2Bowen Therapy - home study CD course 3Bowen Therapy - home study DVDFrank Navratil
    The BOWEN THERAPY home study course is a series of three interactive courses on CD-ROM + INSTRUCTIONAL DVD video by Frank Navratil BSc. N.D., a world-renowned author on natural medicine and long-time Bowen Therapy practitioner and instructor.
  • ...more information about home study CD course
  • Bowen Therapy: Tom Bowen's Gift to the World
    Click Here for Complementary Products and Services
    including books by Vicki Mechner and Gary Stuart

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