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    Bowen Therapy Technique for Animals
    Equine Bowen (horses), Canine Bowen (dogs), Feline Bowen (cats) and other animals

    Bowen for Animals - Instructors
    Carol Bennett - Human and Animal Bowen instructor and practitioner
    Carol Bennett
    , USA
    Jock Ruddock

    Animal Bowen instructor and practitioner
    Lynn Peck, USA
    Note: Most instructors are also practitioners
    Bowen for Animals - Practitioners
    Julie Adams - Houston, Texas
    Barbara Ahern - Cameron Park / Carmel by the Sea, California
    Candy Beauchamp - Skandia, Michigan
    Cristal Bishop - Victoria, British Columbia
    Marijane Boomer - Empire, Michigan
    Joan Campbell - Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia
    Linda Clark - Prescott, Arizona
    Lynda Cho - Ottawa (south side - Kemptville), Ontario, Canada
    Kathleen Collins - Ottawa (south side - Manotick), Ontario, Canada
    Merry Cooper - Melborne (Elwood and St. Kilda), Victoria, Australia
    Debbie Criddle - Sacramento (Camino), California
    Willemina De Boer - Hico, Texas
    Jill A. Deming - Spotsylvania, Virginia
    Robin Fisackerly - St. Helena, California
    Martha Grace - Newark, Delaware
    John Heintzelman - Stuart (east coast), Florida
    Jill Hughes - Tignall, Georgia
    Norman Hyett - Cheltenham, Glouchester, England
    Debra Keathley - Vero Beach (Treasure Coast), Florida
    Pia Kirke - Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia
    Colleen Kramer - Fruitvale, British Columbia, Canada
    Brad Lee - Snohomish, Washington
    Hans (Klaus) Levy - Albuquerque, NM
    Dianna L. McPhail - Traverse City, Michigan
    Joy Metcalf - Belfast, Maine
    Karin Morgan - Redmond, Washington
    Carla Paratore - Eads (Memphis), Tennessee
    Lynn Peck - Gainesville, Florida
    Susan Pritt - Staunton, Gloucestershire, UK
    Jane Thomas - Burnham on Crouch, Essex, England
    Elizabeth Sleight - Baltimore (Near Cobourg), Ontario
    Reggie Townsend - Detroit (northwest), Michigan
    Rosina “Misty” Williams - Everett, Washington
    Lisa Wieczorek, LMT - Loxahatchee, Florida
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    Suggested Reading List
    Animal Bowen - Touch Balancing
    History And Overview of "Bowen Work for Animals"
    by Carol Bennett, Bowen Instructor, and DVD Author and owner, founder and developer of Animal Bowen / Touch Balancing© gives insight into Bowen for animals. If you visit an Bowen practitioner that works with animals in the United States or Canada, they were probably trained by Carol or one of her instructors ... learn more

    Sample Clips:
  • Carol Bennett #1
  • Carol Bennett #2
  • Lynn Peck, DVM
  • Madalyn Ward, DVM
  • Animal Bowentm for Athletic & Companion Animals
    DVD / Video by Carol Bennett
    An introductory teaching film based on Level One Basic Animal Bowentm / Touch Balancing©. The Collaborative, Complementary and Gentle technique for relieving physical and mental patterns of stress in your animal companion, assisting them to have freedom of movement, comfort, confidence and a sense of well being.

    Saving Russek      by Dianna McPhail
    There was a predestined chain of events that resulted in atrocious injuries to Dianna's Polish Arabian gelding Russek. They threatened his early retirement, but also brought her to Bowen therapy. It's efficacy has made a huge impact upon herself and the hundreds of animals that she has treated.   .. complete article

    Elizabeth Sleight, Bowen practitioner for humans and animals Animal BowenTM / Touch Balancing© One practitioner's experience
    "What an amazing experience and how wonderful to finally see dogs and horses benefit from Bowen. The changes over a few short days were visible even to the untrained eye." by Elizabeth Sleight, Bowen Practitioner, Baltimore (Near Cobourg), Ontario ... complete article

    "I just thought the following two might be worth mentioning on the Bowen for Animals page. I am pretty sure that they don't mention Bowen but they are very holistic in nature." -- Elizabeth Sleight
    cover The Tao of Equus: A Woman's Journey of Healing and Transformation Through the Way of the Horse by Linda Kohanov
    The Tao of Equus, which literally translates as "the way of the horse," explores the possibility that horses are highly evolved, spiritual beings who offer humans opportunities for healing and personal growth.

    cover For the Good of the Horse
    by Mary Wanless

    Bowen for animals resources

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