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    Dianna L. McPhail
    Traverse City, Michigan
    (231) 642-7887
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    Bowen for Animals Bowen for Animals
    There was a predestined chain of events that resulted in atrocious injuries to Dianna's Polish Arabian gelding Russek. They threatened his early retirement, but also brought her to Bowen therapy. It's efficacy has made a huge impact upon herself and the hundreds of animals that she has treated.
    Bowen for Animals The accident wouldn't have happened if Dianna had been with her horse that blustery day in February 2002 . Russek's meticulous ground manners made him easy to catch in the pasture when two kids that were alone at the farm brought him into the barn without her consent. They randomly decided to ride Russek. In Northern Michigan working with a horse in the winter demands an awareness of the Russek at 23 ice and snow that falls without warning from the stable and riding arena roof. When the snow breaks loose and slides down the tent-like roof it sounds like a huge zipper opening which is unsettling.
    It was mandated that my horse never be cross-tied or place a saddle on his back if he was tied up and could not walk as the girth was tightened. The consequences of either is extremely dangerous. With Russek in the cross-ties the girls put his heavy western show saddle on him. First came the thump of a forty pound saddle and the tightening of a western leather girth without give. Then the zipper overhead opened up as a load of snow raced down the ceiling before it hit the ground directly behind Russek. Everything caused him to drop down onto the cement floor. At the end of the stretch in the cords were hooks that gouged above the orbits of his eyes, and he reacted violently. He reared up and flipped over backwards with the saddle on and hit the cement. He scrambled to get up from the cold pavement, but his limited range of motion, and metal shoes without traction left his front hooves ineffective. His hooves repeatedly scraped the cement while Russek sought freedom from the saddle. The situation escalated further during the third attempt to get onto his trembling feet, and the forbidden ties broke. How the saddle was freed from his back I do know, but the severe beating that it took was deliverance from more extensive injury to his body.
    Dianna called the veterinarian who came out the next morning. But only time would provide a definite answer if Russek would be sound again because there was permanent damage to both of Russek’s shoulders; the right being the worst For a month Russek was treated by the chiropractor every week which provided some relief, but despite all efforts it was obvious that he wasn't recovered.
    Under the vet's watchful eye, Dianna walked and trotted Russek, followed by a close inspection of his shoulders. His grave expression nearly brought her to tears. He said; "Your only hope is to find some kind of a witch doctor, or some form of voodoo. Russek's shoulders are blown out ,and not stable enough for riding." She was infuriated, not realizing how much he must have dreaded being the bearer of such a dark prognosis. There she stood; alone and full of immense sorrow. She recalls asking; "Are you saying that there is no way to get him back in shape, and strong enough to carry me?" He looked at me and said; "Not this time."
    Russek was only seventeen, and four weeks earlier, he was a great ride. The news of Russek’s accident and the termination of our riding career traveled through the barn quickly. She was offered condolences and support yet the prognosis stung like heck. Yet Dianna reassured Russek that there was time to find a miracle, which turned out to be the truth. The miracle arrived one afternoon while she was at the barn. Her friend Renee who is very metaphysical, showed up to watch her daughter Lauren ride. Aware of the situation, she cautiously asked about Russek. While Dianna waited for her response, she saw a light of hope surround Renee who humbly offered to try a modality from Australia on Russek; Bowen for Animals.
    Her try was welcomed and Dianna held Renee's Bowen therapy instructional chart and the leadrope while Renee worked. She explained about the fascia of the muscles, and sending "a vibration" to the nervous system. Dianna recalls saying to herself; "sounds good, I trust this woman with my horse, and I hope that it works, but it doesn't seem like she is really doing much." Renee did an entire session on Russek which he enjoyed. The concepts were very foreign to Dianna but she was in no position to have any opinion. The vet mentioned a witch doctor who came.
    Less than a week later Russek moved freer. Renee treated Russek three times, after which Dianna put an English saddle on him. They were able to ride again which allowed both horse and rider to turn back the clock. It was also part of a better plan because Russek led Dianna towards a path of healing horse and human.
    Bowen for Animals
    April 2007
    Bowen for Animals
    August 2007
    Midge & Myrtle unexpected twins with .05% of survival. Dianna worked with them day and night for 10 days. Midge the smallest was unable to eat, nor swallow, or keep her food down. Myrtle in the front had a badly deformed left hind which is apparent. She needed Bowen to help her defecate amongst many other things. Without Bowen these little mares would not be alive!
    Presented to the by Dianna McPhail, May 19, 2008

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